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I grew up with the pressure of needing to be perfect, having high levels of fear, constantly scanning for what was expected from me and who I was expected to be. I lost touch with my own voice, my colors, my shape, my gifts.

My personal ecosystem became dissonant, and life became difficult, confusing, depressing… I lost touch with the joy of being alive.

As I lost touch with myself, I lost touch with what I came into this world for, and forgot that I am a piece in a bigger ecosystem, which is the world — and even the universe.

Rage work gave me the possibility of taking my voice back. With my voice I can start taking care of myself, creating a safe space for my being to unfold.

The world is an ecosystem; everything that happens has an effect on the whole system. Imagine that the world is a puzzle, and each part of the ecosystem is a piece of the puzzle. We, humans, are pieces of this puzzle too.

The difference between all the other pieces of the puzzle and us, is that humans change the shape of their piece as soon as they are born, or even before. This is how far we have come from nature.

Because our true shape and colors aren´t welcomed as we arrive in this world, we squeeze ourselves into a shape and color that is different from our authentic nature in order to fit into modern culture. In this process we forget about what we came here for.

We desperately search for belonging, and because we don´t find it, we compromise: abandoning ourselves, sacrificing our authenticity and play the game we see others playing.

Modern culture is violent, and to fit in and survive, you decided to put away parts of yourself. You have put away your voice, your shape, your colors, and have probably forgotten about them. You have put away your most precious and unique gifts. Your life becomes meaningless and you seek meaning instead in the “lifestyle packages” that are sold to you.

You cannot feel authentic joy, connection, intimacy, love if you aren´t yourself. You cannot be truly alive if you are being someone else.

The bad news is that you cannot gain back the life you have wasted so far, trying to be someone you are not. The good news is that something else is possible for your life. You can still choose to be Alive, and once you choose, you start the journey. What will you choose? To be liked, to fit in, to be safe, to look good, to keep surviving; or to wake up with energy, to radiate, to own your life, to feel the joy, and fear, and everything that comes with being Alive!?

If you have read this far, I assume you want something different and want to be alive. Great!

To be Alive you need your conscious anger!

I am not talking about starting to scream everywhere and destroying what doesn´t serve you (even though it might be necessary at times): the most powerful use of anger is to create what you want. By default what you don´t want becomes irrelevant.

You have grown up with plenty of examples of how to use your anger unconsciously, and by doing that, you keep feeding the very same thing you are fighting. Do you want to focus on fighting what you don´t want? Or do you want to focus on creating what you want?

The journey starts by feeling your anger, by building a relationship with this powerful energy that you have access to, and going through the journey of discovering and practicing how to use your anger consciously, as a resource for creating the life you want to live, and serving your life purpose.

One way you became a surviving zombie was by putting your feelings away. Not only did you get the message as a child that your feelings weren´t welcome, but also the pain of adapting to modern culture was too big, so you decided to not feel in order to function in such a culture.

You have built a dam with anything you could find in order to keep your feelings away. You gathered sticks, rocks, sand… these are all the strategies you used to not feel, to calm yourself down, to bring back the peace…

To become who you are, you need to feel again. Feeling is scary because things will change in your life as you start remembering what you care about, what matters to you, and what you are here for.

Anger is the force that will bring down the dam, unleashing the other feelings in the process. With your anger you will activate your inner guardian/warrior, which will create the clarity and safe container for you to be vulnerable and authentic, so that your other feelings can unfold,

And when the stream of energy that was stuck behind the dam starts to flow, you start healing and remembering who you are.

As you build a relationship with your anger and start using it consciously, you start remembering your voice, what you care for, what you want to take a stand for; your true shape and colors start to come back. And as you keep journeying with your anger, you keep creating a safe space for your being to unfold, so that you can remember what you came here for.

I am ecstatic at the possibility of a world with so many more colors, flavors, and such aliveness! Where abundance happens by having people living their life purpose, a place of ongoing creation and evolution. A place where energy is not exchanged, and instead keeps transforming.

A completely different culture to modern culture is possible, where collaboration and winning-happening replace competition and hierarchy, where each individual is empowered and in its own authority, and each one is radically responsible for the creation of life.

Yes, it is terrifying to do something different. It is terrifying to step into the unknown, to create without a recipe (creation with a recipe isn´t really creation anyway) and to be the first one to turn the sails in a different direction.

Have you felt enough pain from dragging yourself though life to want to do something different?

Being Alive is scary because you never know what will happen next (remember that there is no recipe). To hold space for your fear and keep going anyway, you need your conscious anger. You become the one that goes through the jungle with a machete, the one that is terrified of the danger around me, and will still cross it to get to the treasure chest.

You know there is a treasure chest somewhere out there that is just yours. Everyone has one and most people have forgotten about it.

Your treasure chest has your most precious gifts: what you care about, what you are here for, and what brings you Alive!

These gifts are not for you though, they are your gifts to the world, to life itself, and what you get is the ecstasy of being Alive, of feeling Archetypal Joy of being alive and Archetypal Love, by becoming Love itself.

You become free from the prisons of scarcity, because when you live your life purpose, life itself supports you and the universe provides you with what you need. The universe wants you to succeed!

Close your eyes and imagine the world as it is now. Imagine all the parts you see in your mind as pieces of a puzzle. Now zoom in and look at your life, and the pieces of your life. Play a game, and replace whatever pieces you´d like to replace. Replace them again. Notice how it feels each time you replace a piece.

You can do this for real; you can change the pieces of the puzzle. You don´t need to know how, but you do need to choose and commit: then the journey begins.

If you wait for the universe to provide the shift while you sit on the couch eating popcorn, it will never happen.

What do you choose?

If you choose being Alive, a possibility for you is to join Rage Club, where you get in touch with your anger, alongside a team of people who have also had enough of eating popcorn. There is a team out there who need your gifts, and a world that needs your gifts too.

Don´t forget that you don´t need to do this alone; alone is the way to keep modern culture alive; and at the same time, nobody can do it for you.

Will you join in the creation of next culture, for an Alive and abundant world?

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